Main Street Monday: Mom's Bunch Creative Concoctions

Main Street Monday: Mom's Bunch Creative Concoctions

Published: February 16th, 2022

Source: John Warren, LLC Website Design

various items on display for sale in the store; flower arrangements, jellies in jars

(Chipley, FL) February 8th marked the 1st year anniversary of Mom’s Bunch Creative Concoctions. This family ran shop, tucked away on 7th street, offers a large selection of items created by local artists.

The business operates as a single point of sale for 8 local vendors, plus the owner, to showcase a plethora of hand-crafted items. Currently, the shop has more than 1,000 items, with as many as 900 items that are created locally.

I interviewed the owner, Lauri, and our conversation was as follows.

Q. What are some of the items that you carry?

A. Well, a little bit of everything. I never know what an artist might bring into the store each morning, but some examples are:

Children’s clothing, customizable t-shirts and cups, leather belts, horseshoe art, baked goods, jelly, preserves, soaps, plants, wood burned art, essential oils, aprons. Whew! That’s just a few examples.

various items on display, for sale, including individually wrapped sweets, pickled fruits

Q. What would you say is the most popular item right now?

A. It would have to be customizable cups, because one of our vendors does a wonderful job and has the best prices around. She does any kind of customizable order, such as putting on names, quotes, logos, and any other requested work.

Q. So, you operate as a type of “mini-mall” for vendors? How does that work?

A. If someone wants to have their products placed in the store, they discuss it with us. Once we reach an agreement, we simply charge a small monthly rental fee and the artist keeps all of their commissions. Along with the rental fee, me and the staff set up, move, change, and rotate items that are on display.

the shop owner, standing behind a checkout register, smiling at the camera

Q. You mentioned that you are local, can you tell me more about how you got started?

A. I live here in Chipley, although, I graduated from Bonifay. We moved back to Chipley, around 6 years ago. Initially I was approached about a space in a salon, which evolved into the full-size store as it is now. The location, great connection with vendors, where all big factors as well.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

A. Yes. We also have an excellent massage therapist, Shanae Blossom. She does amazing work. She offers deep tissue massages, hot-stone therapy, everything. Today, for example, a client came in with a severe migraine, so I went back and put together a specialized blend of essential oils. Shanae used it with her massage therapy, and the customer left feeling amazing.

Also, at the corner of the shop we have a small ourdoor pantry. We encourage anyone that is in need or would like to contribute, please feel free to do so.

Mom’s Bunch Creative Concoctions is great example of how one business owner can provide valued services, in this case, handling the business side of operations leaving artists free to create. I know that I’ll be frequenting the shop in the future for gifts – and defiantly try the message therapy.

Mom’s Bunch Creative Concoctions