Mom's Bunch Creative Concoctions - Chipley, Florida

Chipley, FL 32428

  • moms bunch storefront
  • inside store photo of various items on display for sale
  • flower arrangements
  • t-shirts, belts
  • homemade jams and jellies in jars
  • assorted gifts on display

Mom's Bunch Creative Concoctions is family ran shop, tucked away on 7th street, offers a large selection of items created by local artists.

The business operates as a single point of sale for 8 local vendors, plus the owner, to showcase a plethora of hand-crafted items. Currently, the shop has more than 1,000 items, with as many as 900 items that are created locally. Items including: Children’s clothing, customizable t-shirts and cups, leather belts, horseshoe art, baked goods, jelly, preserves, soaps, plants, wood burned art, essential oils, aprons. Whew! and those are just a few examples.

Mom's bunch also offers customizable cups, with custom messages engraved, such as names, quotes, business logos, and any other requested work.

Mom's Bunch, also has an excellent massage therapist available. The massage theerapist offers deep tissue massages, hot-stone therapy, and all of the current trends is massage and aeroma therapy.

Mom’s Bunch Creative Concoctions is great example of how one business owner can provide valued services, in this case, handling the business side of operations leaving artists free to create. We know that once you've visited, you'll be frequenting the shop in the future for gifts – and defiantly trying a relaxing massage.