Possum Monument

The Possum Festival, originally known as "Fun Day" began in 1970. This granite monument was erected in 1980 in the town of Wausau in honor of the marsupial.

Moss Hill Church & Cemetery

This church was organized from the Holmes Valley Methodist Mission, established between 1821 and 1825. The building that stands today had been in use since construction in 1857, making it one of the oldest standing church buildings in the state of Florida. The cemetery contains Civil War graves of soldiers that fought for the Vernon Home Guard.

Chipley Monument

This monument is for Colonel William Dudley Chipley in which the city of Chipley gets its namesake. The monument was dedicated on November 19, 1988.

Kudzu Historical Marker

This marker attests to the historic significance of the development of the fast growing Kudzu plant in the early part of the 20th Century. It was erected in 1967.

South Third Street Historic District

South Third Street was designated a US Historic District on February 21, 1989. Thirteen historic homes can be found on the street with some of the best examples of Queen Anne Victorian style architecture in the state of Florida.

Weaver Coach

Gene Weaver delivered mail on a daily route that took him a distance of 180 miles round trip between Vernon, Chipley, Miller's Ferry, Ebro, Wausau, and Bonifay. After 1951, he also delivered passengers.

Hinson's Crossroads Historical Marker

In approximately 1887, two brothers, Harrison and Joshua, and Joshua's son, Oscar, brought five hogs to the area. They left the hogs and returned to their homes in Jackson County. Later when they returned, noting that the hogs had flourished, they relocated their families to the area we know as Hinson's Crossroads.

Hard Labor Creek Church & Cemetery

On this site Union and Confederate forces met in a brief standoff. A number of Washington County men from the Vernon Home Guard were taken prisoner, but others retreated at full speed back down the road to Vernon. Participants in the fight later described how they dodged bullets while riding hard for town with Union soldiers on their heels.

Falling Waters State Park - Oil Well Site

Falling Waters was the site for the first oil drilling in the state of Florida in 1919. The drilling effort ended in disapppointment when drillers were unable to receover oil in commercial quantities and it was finally capped in 1921.