Main Street Monday: Mike 'N' Anna's Country Kitchen

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Main Street Monday: Mike 'N' Anna's Country Kitchen

Published: March 23rd, 2022

Source: John Warren, llc website design

(Vernon, FL) If you’re driving through Vernon, Florida, and blink, well you may have missed this sweet little spot that spins up a variety of appetizing daily dishes. Mike 'N' Anna’s Country Kitchen is a small little mobile booth vendor, with big flavor, that serves up some delicious comfort foods on highway 79, between Vernon Discount Drugs and the Dollar General. This little diamond in the rough is easy to miss, but well worth the u-turn to pull right up to the open window that frames a welcoming smile and the smell of mouthwatering fixin’s.

After a few business meetings, and some errands around the county, I decided to take a little trip to downtown Vernon, for a late supper and ask a few questions that would serve up the dessert that would satisfy my (now dusk) hangry curiosity.

Ms. Anna, the co-owner, greeted me with a delightful smile, while preparing a handful of pickup orders, eager to tell me all about MIke 'N' Anna's Country Kitchen.

So, Ms. Anna, when did you and Mike decide to start a resturant business?

“I’ve lived here all my life, my husband Mike is from California, and works as a trucker. Over the past few years, every time he’d come in from a long haul, I’d make us dinner. Well, first time I cooked for him he was like, Anna you have to open a restaurant. I told him, “You’re crazy! It’s something I’d thought about growing up, but it’s not something that I’d ever be able to do.” Mike said, “Yes, where going to get something started so that you can cook some of this for everybody around here.” After a few more meals, (and a lot of convincing) we both agreed that we would give it a shot, and see how people like it. That was around 2016, I believe. We opened our place in October, here in Vernon. It started a bit slow, because it's easy to drive by and miss us, but, the word started to spread and people just keep coming back happy, trying something different off the menu each time.”

So, tell me, what do the locals like to order?

“Oh! Every day we have regulars that come in. The most frequent thing that they order is the Mike ‘N' Burger. They all live here in town, and come by almost every day wanting one. (why?) I guess it’s because we don’t use frozen patties or anything like that, I always use fresh ground beef, a few seasonings, and keep it simple. I suppose some people want something simple, without all the fusss, that just tastes good, you know? They come in nearly every day. The people at Vernon Drugs, or Ms. Webber, the sweet lady down the road, you know? It makes me really happy they enjoy our food, come back, then tell their friends and all. We do keep a variety of things on the menu; tacos, salads, Ciabatta Sandwiches, but the Mike’n Burger tends to be the local favorite.”

What do you see for the future for Mike ‘N Anna’s Country Kitchen?

“Mike and I want to keep the mobile food stand going. We figure we can grow by offering food in different places in the area and try to narrow down what people really like. Once we’ve got a good feel, then we’d like to set up our first premanent (brick and mortar) restaurant. And by happy, I mean not only where our customers can get great food, but, also a place where we can grow our business and employ people that love what they do, are paid well, and can earn a good living here in Washington County.”

About the Author:

John Warren is a freelance writer and small business owner in Washington County, Florida. John began his career as a computer programmer in 1991, and continues to offers full-stack web design, photography, graphic design, marketing, SEO, and IT consulting services.