Boat Lake, More Than A Swimming Hole

Boat Lake, More Than A Swimming Hole

Published: April 16th, 2022

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(Chipley, Florida) - We recently visited Boat Lake, in Sunny Hills Florida, and interviewed the lake director Danielle Flickinger. Danielle provide some great information about the amenities, special events, and information on how the park strives to accommodate visitors with special needs.

OK we're here with Danielle Flickinger, the Director of Boat Lake in Sunny Hills Florida. Danielle, can you tell the visitors and tourist in the area, and maybe the locals a little about Boat Lake and what it has to offer?

Absolutely. Boat Lake is a little gem tucked away in Sunny Hills. We have a lot of people discovering it. We allow canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, paddle boats. Nothing with motors are allowed out here. Swimming, can play horseshoes, volleyball, we have a playground, a pavilion. We have a lot of events out here for our guests: cookouts and music, and just having a good time, and it’s a good family environment.

Do you have seasonal operational hours? Or umm, I know right now it must be a prime season for tourists and locals alike come down and enjoy the lake. Have you seen a lot of crowds this year, 2022?

We have, schools are still in session. The weekends have been really busy. We’re open seven days a week from 9 to 6. So, that kind of gives everybody their own time to come on down.

We’ll put directions on the website for you because you’re going to have to use a little GPS navigation to get down here. It’s well worth the view. In the background you can see lots of nice picnic tables, pavilions, grills, and plenty of shade trees and beautiful water. A nice cool breeze out. I believe this is a great place for anyone to bring, especially to this area - this family-oriented park. I’ve noticed that you don’t allow alcohol, and things of that nature. So, this place is great family park. This is Washington County is all about. It’s about good community and good family.

ADA, Meeting Special Needs, and Autism

Are there any other words that you would like to mention about Boat Lake?

We’d also like to bring up the fact that we are an ADA (compliant) facility. Our bathrooms are equipped with equipment for anyone with disabilities. We also have the wheelchair ramp that goes all the way down to the water. We do have staff-assist, so if someone wants to go swimming, they can do so.

As well as for autistic children, we have special nights where the park is closed down for them so they can enjoy the evening in Boat Lake, without having too much stimulation.

We allow service animals. And if you need help with anything, don’t hesitate to ask one of the girls in the office. We’re always here for everybody.

Final Thoughts

The community is really proud to have finally opened this to the public and getting it out there. So, no only can we enjoy it, but we can sit back and watch other enjoy it now.

And then I would probably suggest everyone to come out and visit boat lake.

Absolutely! Come on out and visit us! Thank you.

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