Sunshine Riding Trails - Chipley, Florida

Chipley, FL 32428

  • a group of visitors being instructed on horse back riding safety
  • a small girl smiling while riding a pony
  • a man and woman, on individual horses, wading throw shallow water

Whether this is your first time or you have been riding horses all your life, Sunshine Riding Trails has you covered. This family owned business offers riding lessons for all ages as well as trail rides and overnight camping packages. Trail rides are on the beautiful Econfina Creek Water Management lands that features sandhills and preserved longleaf pine forests. Sunshine Riding Trails only use Tennessee Walking horses because of their smoother gait. Trail rides last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, with lunch provided on the 4 hour ride.

Horses are assigned based on the rider's experience level. Let your guide know how comfortable you are on your horse. They have some horses who like to get up and go and we have some who aren't in any particular hurry to get anywhere. Your ride can be as relaxing or exhilirating as you'd like it to be! Their guides have taken people who have never seen a horse in person end easily guided them into the saddle.

Sunshing Riding Trails offers rides ranging from 1 to 4 hours all year round. During the peak of summer, rides are best in the mornings or in evenings because of the cooler temperatures. Winter rides, however, are great any time of the day! We also have a 1-2 overnight camping packages for those of you who really love the outdoors!