Pine Log State Forest - Ebro, Florida

Ebro, FL 32437

Pine Log State Forrest is a local favorite for holding outdoor family reunions, picnicks, and area hikers. The park also has camping and special horse trails. Pine Log State Forrest is located 10 miles north of Panama City Beach.

Over 14 miles of hiking trails have been developed on Pine Log State Forest. These trails include a segment of the Florida National Scenic Trail, the Dutch Tieman Trail, the Campground Loop and the Crooked Creek Trail.

The Florida National Scenic Trail enters the forest in the northwest corner and leads into the campground area. It then crosses S. R. 79 at Pine Log Creek and continues through the forest and exits to the east. This trail continues on private land eastward to S. R. 77. The Florida National Scenic Trail is blazed in orange rectangles and covers approximately 8 miles through Pine Log State Forest. Only foot traffic is allowed on the Florida National Scenic Trail System.

The Dutch Tieman Trail covers approximately 4 miles and is marked with blue blazes. This trail is named for Mr. Edgar "Dutch" Tieman, the forest's first park ranger. This multi-use trail is open to hikers and off-road bicycles. Bicyclists are asked to please use caution when approaching hikers.

The Campground Loop Trail covers 2 miles and is marked in red blazes. This trail loops from the campground around a cypress pond. Only foot traffic only is allowed on the Campground Loop Trail.

The Crooked Creek Trail is a multi-use 9 mile loop trail that has been established on the east side of Highway 79. Parking is located on Highway 79, 1 mile south of the recreation area. This trail was developed for off-road bicycle use, however, foot traffic is welcome.

entrance sign to pine log state forrest

Florida Horse Trails

The Old Sawmill trail was developed as a horse trail. The 12.5-mile loop trail follows existing open roads, closed roads and old firebreaks. The trail weaves through the southeast portion of the Pine Log State Forest.

The Old Sawmill trailhead and parking area is located in Pine Log State Forest on Highway 79 approximately 10 mile north of Panama City Beach, Florida.