Hard Labor Creek Plantation - Chipley, Florida

Chipley, Florida 32428

Traditional southern quail hunting or simply relaxing and enjoying nature, you'll find it all, plus some, here in the Florida Panhandle at Hard Labor Creek Plantation. If you really feel like spoiling yourself, do it all in the same day!*

Hard Labor Creek Plantation is ideal for treating family, friends and business clients to one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences the Great Outdoors has to offer. Take advantage of their hunting guide experts that will lead you through the best hunting experience possible.

"Back a hundred years or so ago, this 3,000-acre Florida Panhandle plantation was busy producing turpentine, but when it was quail hunting time, the work always slowed down."

That's still how owner Ted Everett and his guides operate. "Come the Fall of the year, it's time to grab your shotgun, a pocket full of # 8's, whistle up your bird dogs and head for the open pines", says Ted.

Hard Labor Creek Hunting Preserve provides some of the best native and released quail hunting the South has to offer. The quail hunting areas are custom-tailored to the shooting experience and physical needs of every party.

*Please note the video above is several years old, however the information is still relevant. We are currently working on an update for 2022.